Alex and Tomoko at Earthsong

Ten years ago, Tanya began a conversation with a young Japanese woman sitting on her own at a film during the Out and Proud Festival.  We learnt she was a doctor in training- having a gap year to study medical anthropology and English language at Auckland University-  and eventually she told us  she was in a […]

Ruaumoko, Marama, Tar Baby

Ruaumoko – was the struggle of light against dark, good against evil in a newly imagined Maori myth.  Heroine Hine Ariki sought to calm the rumblings of Ruaumoko, the earthquake god, by defeating evil forces with the aid of winds, rain, mythical creatures and her own inner strength. The story was brought to life over four weeks […]

Korero Café and the Ranui Community Centre

After major renovations, the Ranui Community Centre and Korero Café reopened with a dawn blessing on Friday 29 January.  Local stalwart Buffie Mawhinney and her team have re-used timber and other materials pulled out of the old building in very creative ways for walls and  furnishings .  The Auckland Council, Henderson-Massey Community Board and Community Trusts have all […]

Vagina Monologues for V-Day

  The Vagina Monologues were written by Eve Ensler, based on interviews with many women, 20 years ago.  We went to a splendid performance by the Shape Shift Collective (students and recent graduates from Unitec’s Performing and Screen Arts degree and other programmes), directed by Unitec lecturer Alexandra Whitham,  at Te Pou Theatre.  It was a  fitting first […]

City of Joy

In the process of looking up V-Day  ( ) we discovered the amazing City of Joy and the V-World Farm, begun in DR Congo by Dr Denis Mukwege, Christine Schuler Deschryver  and Eve Ensler in 2011, with support from Unicef and many contributors world-wide,  to help women rape survivors in the DR Congo become community leaders – TURNING […]

And then a love story…

We went to the premiere of the film Carol, a lesbian love story based on an early Patricia Highsmith novel The Price of Salt, with some reservations, thinking it might be a Hollywood let-down.  But actually we loved it – all our group of eight very different women found it moving, and beautiful in its portrayal […]

Summer at Earthsong

    We’ve been enjoying a peaceful, gentle time at Earthsong over summer – no meetings, emails or cooking teams! – and delighting in homegrown summer vegies and fruit from the garden. We also appreciated a Christmas delivery of delicious citrus and early plums  from Alison and Steve at earthtalk. The sad event here has been […]

Mai Chen, MIXIT and The Girl from Niue Island

Mai Chen on Cultural Competence A fine article in the NZ Herald (18 January 2016) by Mai Chen celebrates New Zealand’s cultural diversity . She makes a strong case for us to become culturally competent, and a couple of video clips in her on-line article illustrate what this can mean, and how valuable and empowering it […]